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Buyer Or Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is the best way to find out everything you need to know about the house you want to buy. You have the unique chance to be a part of the inspection process and learn more about the house's complicated systems that keep it alive.

Seller Or Pre-Listing Inspection

Having the home inspected before putting it on the market is a smart way to avoid unpleasant surprises during the buyer's inspection that could be caused by problems found during the seller's inspection. You stay in full control and have the freedom to deal with problems early on if you find them.

Maintenance Inspection

It is a good idea to check on the mechanical and structure parts of your house from time to time. You might want to find out about any problems that are happening or might happen before they get worse and cause unexpected costs, which can be big.

Tarion Warranty Inspection: 30 DayPre-Delivery Inspection

PDI will help you figure out what is wrong with your new house, fill out a 30-day warranty form, and work with the builder to fix the problems. In addition to the standards of practice for house inspections, new homes are checked out based on the Performance Guidelines of the Tarion Warranty Program.

Tarion Warranty Inspection: 1 YearPost-Delivery Inspection

The Ontario New Home Warranty program suggests that all new houses be checked before the first and second years are up. These checks will give you a report that can help you fill out your one-year and two-year warranty forms much more easily. Having a professional inspector look over your home will help you find problems that are still covered by the warranty and that the builder can fix.

Aerial Roof Inspection With Drone

The most advanced aerial technology gives a level of quality and detail about the state of roofs and building materials that has never been seen before. Did you know that only about 30% of roofs can be inspected by hand because they are hard to reach, the slope is too steep, or the materials are too fragile? With RPAS (drone) technology, we can check any type of roof quickly and with the highest quality possible.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

An advanced, non-invasive technology that can find things that a tester would not normally be able to see or that can not be found with regular inspection methods. Thermal imaging can find insulation that is missing or not enough, air leaks, electrical problems like overheated lines and devices, HVAC problems, the presence of insects and rodents, and much more.

Commercial Inspection

You are happy to own a business franchise, a new medical office, or an apartment building? Let the professionals at TRU check out your new property. We do light business inspections of a wide range of multi-unit and mixed-use buildings, like apartments, restaurants, spas, offices, clinics, and more. Please give us a call to talk about the details and get a price for the inspection of your new home.
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